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Almond Homeopathy

Located within our estate Almond Homeopathy offers a safe holistic medical service 


All you need, when you need it.  Your local mini market and supporter of Woordstown Village

Spice Hut

Delighgful Indian Cuisine located in Orla Estate for easy collection.  Call  01 493 9880


We actively support and engage with local businesses.  We'd like to thank those who have supported our events over the years (Spar, Mark Ellis, Red Apple and Miyen)  If you are interested in sponsoring an event or promoting a local business, please get in touch at 

Below is an alphabetic  list of businesses operating within or near  our estate. A rating widget has been added to allow feedback.  WVRA do not endorse any businesses listed below - however the feedback rating may help you. 

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