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Welcome from Ray Kearns chairperson of the Woodstown residents association.  Together with the team and others before them we have been looking after and improving the estate in which we live, for many years.  We have formed stronger alliances with our neighbouring estates to help grow the sense of community in the area as a whole.  

As ever we are always looking for volunteers to help so if you are interested in helping out email us at
Our Constitution

The residents association work together on your behalf to improve and maintain the area we all like to live in.  As with other organisations we work ethically and within guidelines set out in our constitution

Our History

For 21 years various residents have been members of the committee working together to keep the environment we live in to the high standard seen today, to monitor planning in the area and to foster relations with business and other associations.  Annually we bring many events for all residents to enjoy including burying a time capsule for future residents to open in many years to come.

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